Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pork Kinamatisan

This recipe has circulated on the Female Network site, and every GT sisses who were able to try the recipe said that it is pretty easy to make and really delicious. With the positive comments about the recipe, I wasn't able to try it immediately as I had a hard time backreading the previous posts on the recipes page. Good thing, one of my GT sisses, who also happen to be a former schoolmate, shared it on her blog so I was able to jot down the ingredients and procedure. 

My family's verdict? The dish is really delicious! Even my little sister who happens to be a very picky eater enjoyed eating it. Our driver even said to me that the soup alone can be served as the viand already. 

Of course, being the kitchen scientist wanna be, I tweaked the procedure and had to add some water since my husband is a big fan of "soupy" foods. 

Here are the ingredients you need 

1/2 kilo Pork Kasim, Adobo Cut (Pork ribs is also a good choice) 
6 to 8 pieces of Tomatoes, sliced 
1 sachet of magic sarap 
1 cup of water 
2 tablespoons of fish sauce 
3 pieces of green chili's 

What you need to do

* Put all the ingredients on the wok except of the water. 
* Let it cook for 20 minutes, or until the juice from tomatoes come out. 
* Add the water, you may add more fish sauce if you want. 
* Add water and green chili's  let it simmer for another 5 minutes.
* Serve with love and ENJOY eating! 

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