Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cooking resolution

Happy 2013! My cooking blog is about to turn 1 year and I am very proud to see that a lot of foodies have been checking my cooking blog from time to time. I am happy too that in a short span of time, I was able to practice my cooking skills and I was able to try a lot of recipes already.

Experience is really a good teacher, and without proper culinary background, I can proudly say that I now know the basics and what not of cooking. Though there were times that my dish didn't satisfy my palate, I am still fulfilled with what I have learned. Cooking is really a skill, and it get better through time and practice :)

In lieu of New Year's resolution, I made a list of my cooking resolution as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I could accomplish the resolution. :D

* My number 1 cooking resolution is not to mess the kitchen too much whenever I cook. I swear, even my husband who happens to be my number 1 fan in cooking tells me that The kitchen gets too messy every time I cook. Plates, ingredients, knives are all over the place. So this time, i vow to clean the domestic mess and prepare all the ingredients I need just before I turn on the stove.

* To learn more pasta recipes - not just the typical filipino style and carbonara. I want to learn the different types of pasta, and to use more tomato sauce often, instead of the ready made spaghetti sauce.

* Learn how to devein a shrimp. People find it really easy to do, but I just can't do it. Haha

* Poach eggs, instead of frying.

* Cook fishes too. If you notice, I am really not a fan of fish, so this year, I will try out more fish recipes.

So that's it!:) Hopefully, before the year ends ( dang, it's just the 1st week of January 2013) I can accomplish all these things.

How about you? What's your cooking resolution?:)

Happy New Year, from my family to your family! Have a happy new year cooking!:)

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