Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good food at Manda centrale

Ever since the market in front our office got closed, I never had the chance to eat real food during night office hours. Mang Pepe's, food channel and some affordable home made ulam's are nowhere in sight near our office. Mc Donald's is a good pick and so with other fast food chains like KFC and jollibee, but I do not want to eat there most of the time due to the food's adverse effects and with its price.

So when Manda Centrale started, I grabbed the opportunity to go there when budget permits and eat good foods that would satisfy my palate and craving. Manda centrale reminds me of banchetto where my officemates and I used to visit during paydays and Fridays. The smoke of grilled foods plus the numerous choices of foods are really enjoyable most especially if you go there with your friends.

Too bad, according to the owner of moshi moshi stall (they sell really delicious takoyaki's) told my friend and i that Manda centrale is not staying there for good. They have a contract which is only good for 4 weeks, and still not sure if they can renew it. Well, i hope it stays there for good since eating good food even at it's not so affordable rates are really pleasurable. I am already fed up eating oats and crackers, bread and junks during work hours. I bet other call center employees near the vicinity of this food hub hope that manda centrale would stay there permanently too.

I only have one week to savor the goodness of the foods being offered there. I promise to buy more takoyaki's and to eat more of the Macheesemo burger! Plus the cheesecake cupcake and mochi and other grilled foods! Haha.

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