Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby food: The happy banana meal

They say that eating bananas can make you happy; that’s why I called this baby food: The happy banana. Aside from its benefits and “happiness” effect, I also feel happy every time I give this food to Milly because she just loves it. (Prolly one of her favorites). She always makes this “aaahhh-ohhh-yummy” sounds the moment I put the spoon inside her mouth. :D

Since Milly reached her 7th month, she started looking for more texture on her food. She enjoys eating pureed fruits and veggies but she prefers “more solid like” food. There are times that she doesn’t want to eat the pureed food I prepare for her but the moment I give her a slice of veggie or fruit, she’d open her mouth right away and munch on it. (As if she has teeth already).

Milly loves bananas so I decided to make a “more textured” menu for her. Since I also want her to get more calories with the food she eats, I added white rice on her food. I just make sure not to mash/grind the rice that much.

What you need: 

·         2 pieces of lakatan banana, sliced
·         3-4 tablespoons of cooked white rice
·         ¼ cup of water
·         Greek yogurt (optional)

What you need to do:

·         Put the banana in your food processor. Puree.
·         Pour the water. Add the cooked rice. Process it for 20 seconds.
·         Put greek yogurt for more fruity taste.
·         Serve with love.

Taste level: 5 stars (Milly can finish 2 containers of baby bullet per meal every time I give this to her) 


  1. I am inlove with you blog. Meron na akong mapeprepare when David is 6 months. Yahoo! Where did you bought that food storage? Do they have other designs?

    1. Hello, yan mismo yung food processor from baby bullet ;)