Friday, March 13, 2015

Biggie Buco Pandan

Tipak tipak na jellies - that’s why I called it Biggie Buco Pandan. See for yourself :D 

Making jellies from scratch was quite a challenge for me. I was really clueless how to make the jellies out of the powdered Mr. Gulaman and was too hesitant that I might not be able to perfect the jelly. good thing my first attempt was a success and it tasted really delicious.

I’ve always wanted to try this recipe because I am such fan of this dessert.  I can still remember that I used to order 3 buco pandans from my officemate just to satiate my craving.

Try this simple recipe and its perfect for this summer season!

What you need

·         1 sachet of Mr. Gulaman (or any powdered gulaman) Pandan flavor
·         Strips of coconut meat (from 2 pieces of buko; kinayod) ; separate the coconut juice
·         4 pieces of pandan leaves
·         1 small can of condensed milk
·         1 pack of Nestle Crème

What you need to do:

·         On a big pot, put the coconut juice. Add additional 2 cups of water. Put the pandan leaves and powdered gulaman. Let it boil.

·         Continue stirring until the powder is dissolved.

·         Place the cooked gulaman on a big bowl or Tupperware. Let it cool. (I placed mine inside the freezer hehe) Once texture is okay, you may now cut the jellies in to small squares (or big just like what I did)

·         Add the coconut meat. Pour the condensed milk and Nestle cream. Mix evenly.

·         Serve chilled.

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