Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beef Stew

If you love nilagang baka, this dish is really for you. But instead of using fish sauce, I used a different ingredient to make it more flavorful. Since we're using beef as the main ingredient, it is much better to use a pressure cooker to get the best consistency of the beef. But if you don't have pressure cooker, you can boil it manually, but it would take hours to get it done. :)

What you need:

1 kilo of beef
5 to 8 cups of water
1 tablespoon of ground spanish paprika
5 pieces celery sticks, cut into small pieces
1 medium carrot, cubed
1 medium potato, cubed
1 sachet of magic sarap
3 pieces laurel leaves
1 piece knorr beef cube, dissolved in 1/4 cup of hot water
1/4 teaspoon of cornstarch dissolved in 1 tablespoon of water
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon of canola cooking oil
3 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 medium onion, chopped

What you need to do:

* On a pan, heat the oil. Sauté the garlic and onion, add the paprika and bay leaves. Put the beef. Let it cook for 2 minutes.

* Transfer the beef in the pressure cooker. Pour the water and add the dissolved beef cube. Let the beef cook in the pressure cooker for 20 minutes.

* Carefully open the lid, the add the magic sarap. Add salt and pepper to taste. You may add more water when needed.

* Add the potatoes, carrots and celery. Let it cook for another 5 minutes.

* Serve with love and happy eating!

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