Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That healthy Sandwich

After the wedding, I have already gained 2 lbs. Imagine, that’s only 22 days after the wedding. How much weight would I gain in the next few months, aber? :D I am so afraid to go back to my old self, and I need to keep track of what I am eating. This would be a challenge for me as well, because I am in charge of cooking and I keep on tasting the food as it reach to its perfection. :D hehe

So today, I pledge, no more rice. Less carbs, and more on vegetables. I’ve been practicing a no rice diet for quite some time already, but due to the temptations around me – I am left with no choice but to give in, and eat that much. I easily get fat and I am having a hard time losing weight these days. Ganto na ba talaga pag may asawa???

I am back to my old habit already, and that’s by refraining myself from eating rice and too much sweets.  It’s been 5 days already and I know for sure this will be a long journey.

Starting today, during lunch here at work, I WILL ONLY EAT THIS HEALTHY SANDWICH

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