Monday, June 25, 2012

Simple Steak Recipe

This dish is one of my favorite recipes that my dad used to cook for us during my college days. He stopped cooking dish for the family when my mom became a full time housewife already. So here's a very simple recipe that i adapted from my dad's way of cooking steak. Simple and yet very sumptuous dish that would surely tickle your taste buds!

What you need: 
* 1 kilo of steak (you can use big mama, t-bone, or whatever steak you prefer)
* 1/4 kilo of baguio beans
* Star margarine
* 1/2 cup of Knorr liquid seasoning

What you need to do: 
* Marinate the steak with Knorr liquid seasoning for 1 hour. 
* On a pan, heat the pan. Melt the margarine. 
* Cook the steak on low heat. (I cooked the steaks for 10 to 15 minutes). Set aside. 
* On the same pan, fry the baguio beans. 
* Serve with the cooked steak. 
* Happy eating! 

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