Friday, March 9, 2012

Fresh Lumpia

My mom always makes lumpiang shanghai, togue and ubod. The first two varieties of lumpia she makes are 100% delicious but for the ubod, there’s something about it that I don’t find quite delightful (sorry mom!)

 Fresh lumpia/ubod is just easy to make, but it’s the sauce that makes it really delicious. And that’s what I tried out a few days ago – to make a delicious sauce! So long you have a knife plus the veggies you want to put in the fresh lumpia, and then you’re good to go.  My mom’s verdict for my own version of fresh lumpia? It’s as delicious as the fresh lumpia in Goldilocks! Wow!

Here’s what you need

For the lumpia
1 big carrot, julienned thinly
1 turnip, julienned thinly
1 big sweet potato, cut into squares
5 tablespoons of ground pork (optional)
2 cloves of garlic, minced finely
½ teaspoon of canola cooking oil for sautéing
10 pieces pastry wrappers / lumpia wrappers

For the sauce
2 table spoons of cornstarch
4 table spoons of brown sugar
2 table spoons of soysauce
2 cloves garlic, minced

♥ Heat the cooking oil. Saute the garlic. Add the ground pork. Once cooked, add the chopped vegetables. Don’t overcook them.

♥ Put 2-3 tablespoons of cooked vegetables on the lumpia wrapper.  Do this with the rest of the vegetables.

♥ For the sauce. On a sauce pan, mix all the ingredients for the sauce. Continue stirring until the sauce gets thicker. Tip: Bring the sauce to a boil, and once it starts to pop (the water that pops when boiling, hehe) do not stop stirring until it reaches the correct consistency of thickness.

♥ Top the lumpia with sauce.

♥ Serve with love, and eat without guilt!

 Tip: You can also add lettuce on the lumpia itself, and sprinkle crushed peanuts on top of the sauce. 

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