Thursday, March 8, 2012

WE certainly ♥ Food

Ever since Mark and I became bf-gf, and now fiancé and fiancée and soon to be hubby and wifey; we always pig-out as much as we can. (I am blaming him for gaining kilos since the start of our relationship) :D We would order a lot of food, more than what we can consume and bring it home so our families get to taste it too.

Since Mark is not into taking pictures, I wasn’t able to document and save some pictures during our pigging out adventures. Good thing, I was able to save some memoirs. ahehe. To be honest, we would even attend grand food tastings just to pig out! Bwahaha! (abuso, much)

Mark’s love for food is also the one that triggered me practice cooking; most especially that deep inside, I know that,  the way to a man’s heart is through his Stomach. :D 

and our favorite SNACK! (aside from JUNK food of course) 


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