Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fried Oreos

When Mark and I first tasted the Fried oreo in Twirls, Casa Susana Alabang, I bragged that I can make that carbo loaded snack for him. (Yes, I did boast, even if deep inside, that I haven’t tried making it) Define, PASIKAT!

So when he asked me again, when can he taste my own version of Fried Oreo, I secretly searched for recipes how to make it. Ahaha! I can still imagine the pressure I went through when I made this snack, because he was looking seriously while I was doing it, as if he’s trying to learn how to make it (or perhaps he already knew that I don’t know how to do this. LOL)

It was a trial and error point, but due to my willingness to prepare this snack for him, I was able to do it successfully. Successfully, after messing the kitchen and wasting almost 1 box of ready-made batter. To make it worse, I was only able to make 3 fried oreos out of the 1 box batter. So ending, we had to eat the remaining oreos instead. LOL.

So here’s the good part, though it was a trial and error procedure, the end result was really delicious. No, I’m not boasting here, but our judgment with my own version of fried oreos is more delicious as compared to the f.oreos we’ve tried in Twirls. No Kidding! Promise! (except that the F. Oreo in Twirls is WAY more presentable) 

Here's a picture of the actual fried oreo from Twirls. It soooo presentable! ♥♥♥ Next time, I am going to buy that parasol and put a lil bit of confectioners sugar to improve my fried oreos. :D 


So enough with me being too defensive, let’s proceed with the recipe already.

What you need:
1 small box of pancake batter (if this is the first time you’re going to try this, just buy the small one)
1/2 cup of skimmed milk
1 tablespoon of canola cooking oil
5-6 pcs of Oreo cookies 
2 eggs, lightly beaten
Canola oil for deep frying

On a bowl, mix the pancake batter and eggs. Add the 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and the skimmed milk.  Beat it under it turns smoothly. There should be no “powder puffs” on it.

Heat the cooking oil

While waiting for the oil to heat, start dipping the orea cookie to the batter. Watch it drown. Hehe

Once the oil is already hot, carefully release the “drowned” Oreo into the hot oil. If you really aren't sure if the oil is hot enough, you can try to drop little batter into the oil and see if they start to fry.

Deep Fry the oreo with batter. Once cooked, you will notice that the orea + batter gets bigger/ bloated.

Once you’ve achieved the right consistency, and the batter has turned to golden light brown, then it’s already good to go.

Drain using paper towel

Serve and EAT, with guilt. Ahaha


  1. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I'll try making this on weekend. :)

    Just followed your log. Hope you could follow ours too. :)

  2. thank you so much :) i followed your blog too!!!
    i got more curious about milk tea. to be honest, i haven't tasted it yet! ima try one this weekend too! TC!

  3. Looks so good! haven't tried this before. Thanks for sharing the recipe!