Thursday, March 22, 2012

Once famous, Ice Cream

I think that the Magnum- craze these days is pretty much over-rated.  It's not actually the sweet tasty coating plus the A-Okay filling but the hard sell + people's curiosity made it so POPULAR.

A lot of so called Brand-Ambassadors have been endorsing this unceasingly and would even say that you are not cool if you haven’t tasted this yet. Some would even say that this is the total ice cream for Social Climbers. LOL.

I bought magnum during the first day it was introduced to Pinoy’s. The coating is really enticing, and delicious. Probably that’s one of the reasons too why a lot of people are going gaga about it even if it's a little bit pricey.

 But I guess, there’s one ice cream that I bet would really be popular once again, if manufacturers would RE-introduce it to us…

The once-famous, Funwich!


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