Monday, March 12, 2012

Rice Wine

From the time I started practicing cooking, I make it a point to buy ingredients and store it in our cupboard. Believe me, you can cook any dish you want (complicated or not)  so long you have the minor ingredients already. (Minor like: spices, herbs, and the like)

Being an internet savvy homemade chef wannabe, I find it quite intimidating when the recipes I see online are not explained on a newbie’s term. :D ahehe. I also find it quite intimidating for the following reasons:

1.       The name of the recipe/dish  is hard to pronounce (ahehe)

2.       Most of the ingredients are REALLY unfamiliar to me. I am not even sure if I can find em’ on the grocery.
3.       I am not sure if I can get the same consistency as shown on the pictures that I use as a reference.

Good thing, when I checked the grocery, almost all of the ingredients and spices I need are available. Except this Rice Wine, that really made me go gaga and so curious where to find it. I have already checked 5 groceries, but had no luck in finding it.

Yesterday, after going to the grocery, mom and I passed by this Wine and Liquor store. She said perhaps we can check if they are selling this Rice Wine. I was really uncertain to ask the merchandiser since they might think that I am joking knowing that I am looking for a cooking ingredient on a liquor shop.  But when I asked them, Lo and behold, this super hard to find ingredient is available at the liquor shop. I almost forgot that this is a variety of Japanese wine.

Now, I am ready to try new and more challenging recipes most especially that I have this Rice Wine! (I wonder how this wine tastes like) tee-hee.

Sorry, I can’t help but take a picture of it! 

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